Monday, 30 January 2012


Before going into the list, the most important thing i wanna specify is that there may be many more better than these and it may be that complete list has gone wrong.. But this one's- MY WAY.

Here, importance is given not only to the destination, but also to the feel in the journey.

"Dont keep looking at the goal every other second, you may get deviated from the path you're travelling. Instead mark ur goal enjoy ur journey and feel the path ure travelling.You'll have lot more happy moments in the lyf...


For all those movie lovers, no need of any introduction for this one. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is not just a movie and anyone who watched it experiences the same. Thrill, humorous and every moment enjoyment made their journey watchable and overcoming one's fear, problems in a right way made it memorable. Donno about others, but for me, it was a magic.


The adventures done by Gulliver, A jonathan swift character, are unforgettable. It just drags you into the fantasy world and even for those who don't love fantasies, it provides a tickling humor and gripping narration. At the end, even if you don't wish to have such a journey, you'll at least wish watch Gulliver to start a new journey again !

There's very little that you envy about the shepherd boy in "The Alchemist", but you'll have a lot to learn. Back ground theme being the journey of a boy to the place he's never been before in the quest of a treasure, it just takes you to your soul and makes you purify it by yourself. Its mainly about the journey into your deeds and your heart.


This might be a surprise or rather a shocking inclusion for many of you as many don't understand where the journey is to ! "Your mind is the scene of the crime" and what Nolan(director) does is, to take you all to the scene of crime without moving from your places. IT IS THE JOURNEY INTO ONE'S SUB CONSCIOUS. And going through the four levels of your dream is just amazing. 

A 10 hour flight journey being the stage for four leveled dream sharing was an ultimate concept and inception if an idea was ultimate. The most thrilling journey one has ever experienced would be into his own mind!! Isn't it great?


I know this article was supposed to contain only fictious ones, but I couldn't stop myself from choosing this one as the best. Fictious or non- fictious, it is the best and always will be the best.
The most important and influencing journey in the indian history and probably the world's history is the famous Dandi march. It is often considered to be the major part of indian independence struggle.

Without bloodshed, without any weapons, Gandhi made the British flag come down. He did not ask any one to follow him or support him. Starting from their sabarmati ashram, with 78 satyagrahis on his side, Gandhi travelled 390 kms all the way to Dandi, a coastal village. At the end of the walk, there were more than 1 lakh followers, all uninvited, with him. 

This freedom movement, though done against the salt taxes, did shake the whole British govt. It is remembered by every one and will be remembered in the centuries that will pass.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Happy Birthday, My love

Dear Maya,
          You’re too far away from me to present you a birthday gift and too close to my heart to not present one. Result is this letter.
         “ A bit fluffy cheeks, two cute little starred eyes and a perfect face- that’s how you made a mark in my mind in the first sight I noticed you hard, probably when you’re 14. Amazed by your innocent appearance, I kept following you and my quest ended at sweet 16, when we were separated in the name of higher education. My heart almost created a blank space in it, which was filled by another beauty in the form of love. But I later found out that it was just a bridge which prevented my heart from collapsing completely before finding you. I almost forgot you in the midst of admissions, colleges, building careers etc. And right at that time, I don’t know from where, you overflew into my life once again. It was just like a dream. These social networking sites made our re-meet possible and in no time you became my best buddy, and then my addiction and finally, my love! But this time, beyond this love, there are no bridges, but only infinite emptiness. Please don’t leave me in that. I don’t want to lose you for a moment, in fact I don’t want to even forget you for a moment. It is your 18th birthday now and this is my gift. Its your choice to accept or reject it. Once you accept this, you’ve to keep it safe until your last birthday. And finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
                                                                    Yours forever,

Thursday, 19 January 2012


“Have you ever felt a dagger piercing through your heart when you came to know that the person you love is no more?

Have you ever felt a pulse running down your spine when you no more have the person you hug daily beside you?

And have you ever felt a tear rolling down your eye when the one whom you shared everything with, ended his life not knowing whom to share his pains with?”

“I never felt anything. I was that sort of person who never cared about anyone, except myself... But if I love myself so much, why did I take an insane step? My final note says it all. 

Thud!! I kicked the stool that supported me in the final moments of my painful life. And there I was hanging from the 20 years old ceiling fan through my neck… Now I’m a spirit. I can do whatever I want. I’m free from the web of my life. I started feeling a bit sad of it as I’m also free from all the challenges, all the relations and all the love. Now I have nothing to do.
My roomies were knocking the door for a long time which now has converted to banging and further went on to breaking the door just to see the most disgraceful sight of their lives. They tried too hard to save me, have given me artificial breathing and yelling for ambulance. They were crying like a mother does for her baby. That was the moment I realized that spirits too have tears. I felt ashamed thinking about the first reason I wrote in my suicide note
“No one in the world cares me, my friends doesn’t even notice my presence sometimes and I’m sure they’ll be glad to find out that I’m no more a part of their lives…..”
I could no longer be at that place and as you’ve seen in many movies, spirits can transport themselves to any place they want and without any hesitation I went to my home, back at Hyderabad. It was late night and I found my parents talking to each other. I thought they might be cursing god for giving a useless boy like me. I was speechless (of course I was lifeless) when I heard my dad telling mom how miserable he felt every time when he scolds me and how much he wished that I lived with them, in my home, instead of hostel and how he longed to hug me and say “I love you”. And I felt like crying when I remembered my note and second reason in it-
“…Even my dad doesn’t love me, I have nowhere to go and no reason to live. How I wished that my dad hugs me and says ‘I love you’, but I’m sure my dad doesn’t feel the same anywhere near…..”
After all these misunderstandings that ruined my life and will ruin the hearts of many when they find out what’s inside my suicide note, in my pocket, I feel like a ghost rather than be spirit. “It’s just because of a simple reason that I unfolded the destiny of life in a wrong way, I’m no longer gifted with the most precious present- my future and my life.”
And at the moment when I heard the headlines of the college radio ‘Our college’s best photographer, Aryan killed himself to loneliness’, I broke out. That was the solution to the final reason of my note.
“…. I’ve failed in my final year and am sure I’m not going to be placed in any company. I’ve no career to make and I’m good at nothing.”

By now, I’ve reached god and started pleading him to give back my life as I’ve found the value of my life and simply declined saying that lakhs of people come to him pleading in the same way but there’s nothing he can do as it’s too late and pushed me away.
And thud, I fell off from my bed. What a dream it was! First thing that I had done is to take out the note from my pocket and tore it off. Life has given me a chance, a second chance to live which everyone can get if they think for two minutes before ending their lives.
Any way you’re going to give up your lives, so why not spare just another 2 minutes, in peace, to think about the life you lived and life you can live if they choose different path….”

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


First day:
ARYA: Oh god! Why did you even hide her from me all these years? Such a beauty!” These were my thoughts when I first saw her. She opened the door with a cute smile and the tiny dimples that appeared on her cheeks were enough to make my heart skip a beat. She was wearing a dark blue chudidaar and was just glowing in it. And the way her hair brushed my face when she turned around, magical! But I controlled my thoughts as soon as I remembered the actual reason that I was there- I went there as a company for my friend, Mahesh, who’s deeply in love with her. Of course one sided. What to do, Shit happens! I flipped. I was totally out of control. I, unintentionally kept staring at her and she intentionally kept ignoring me. ‘Cool, dude! All the girls act conservative in their first meeting. It happens in every movie.’ I thought feeling proud of the Bollywood heroes who face similar situation in every movie, but finally gets his girl. ‘So, how’s my girl?’ Mahesh asked me. ‘Okay types!’ I said, making sure that he did not see me grin.”

MAYA: “ Oh no, that idiot Mahesh had called me once again to tell the words that I hated the most ‘Guess what! I’m coming to your home now’ feeling that he had given me biggest surprise in the world! I just hate him and this time he’s bringing some stupid friend of his. But it indeed turned out to a big surprise. This friend of his had just swept me off my feet at the first look. I just got drowned in the depth of his shining eyes. I didn’t even notice that Mahesh was there. In fact, this is the first time I’m so happy even with Mahesh around me. ‘Arya’, he extended his hand. ‘Maya’ I said as he shook my shivering hands. I never felt the importance of my name before! May be my parents should have chosen a prettier name! All through the day he just kept staring at me and I was too shy even to look at his face. The humour and politeness in him were the stand outs. I was in love with him at the first meeting not because he is special, but because he made me feel special!”

Routine was the story thereafter, as you see in Hindi movies. Meeting leading to friendship, which lead to regular outings, and finally to love! Or wait! Why make it routine? Let’s add a little more drama.
Few months later:
{I always liked the way it appears onscreen in Hollywood movies “Few months later”}

I truly loved her. What exactly went wrong- I still couldn’t find out. It’s like a night mare. Why did she reject me? Was it the wrong proposal or wrong time of proposal? Or is it that she really doesn’t love me! After the rejection all that followed were the lonely nights I spent on my terrace. The virtual world I created imagining we are together was the only place I loved to stay. I just don’t know why god showed me the glimpse of paradise when he was never going to allow me into it! I decided not to disturb her again or anyone in future. That’s it, I deleted her from my account after three long days of just trying to click on the ‘remove friend’ button.

Can you believe it? He actually proposed me today! Wow, it was just an amazing feeling! But really, an idiot he was. Couldn’t he have done it directly rather that in phone? I casually rejected him, of course sounding a bit serious, controlling my giggles. I was hoping that he would propose me again, when we meet. So, I started ignoring all his phone calls and messages. But one day suddenly, I found out that he deleted me from the friends list! I was shocked. ‘May be he really doesn’t love me’ I falsely consoled my crying heart. No phone calls, no messages. I felt abandoned. I felt as if the beauty of my life, which was born few months ago, had started fading. And that’s it! I deleted him from the contacts after fighting with my heart over that for a while. All that happened in these days was like a beautiful dream. But after all, it’s a dream. Finally, I had to wake up.

That’s how it ended folks. As in many cases we see around us, here too there was one big super villain to love-‘misunderstanding’. Okay, if anyone is disappointed with the sad ending, just close your eyes and think of your favourite line “....and they lived happily ever after.”